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SAFE DEPOSIT LOCKER for the safety of your valuables, we offer safe deposit locker facility at a large number of our branches. There is a nominal annual rent, which depends on the size of the locker and the centre at which the branch is located. The rent is payable in advance for the Financial Year.

FAQ -------

What is Locker rent?

Safe Deposit Locker Charges- Locker rates vary based on location of branch and locker sizes. Annual Rent for Lockers has been revised. Locker rent is charged annually and rent is payable in advance.

Why use Bank Lockers?

SAFE DEPOSIT LOCKER For the safety of your valuables we offer our customers safe deposit vault or locker facilities at a large number of our branches.

What is the Use of Locker?

They are usually intended for use in public places, and intended for the short- or long-term private use of individuals for storing clothing or other personal items.

How much a locker time period?

Users may rent a locker for a single use or for a period of time for repeated use.

What is the Mandatory for Locker?

KYC norms are applicable for locker hirers.

Who uses Locker?

Individual Person Lockers cannot be allotted to minors either singly or jointly with others.

Nomination is available?

Nomination facility is available. Bank is guided by the provisions of Sections 45 ZC to 45 ZF of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 and the Banking Companies (Nomination) Rules, 1985 and the relevant provisions of Indian Contract Act and Indian Succession Act.

What if locker is not used?

In case of locker remains unoperated for more than one year, the branch has the right to cancel the allotment of the locker and open the locker even if the rent is paid regularly.

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